Work and Travel Australia Program


Our Core Program includes two parts:


    • Finding a job is easier with WTC on your side

    • Here at the Work and Travel Company, we know you will likely need help finding jobs to fund your travels in a new country. That’s why we have recruiters working to actually place you into exclusive jobs only available through us, ranging from retail and administrative positions, to tourist attractions, warehouse work, and general labour. You just have to let us know when you’re ready to work, and we can offer you suitable job placements. It’s that simple!
    • Most working holiday companies provide you with just a job board or list to search through, leaving you on your own to make loads of applications for jobs – but not WTC! We have recruiters ready to place you into available jobs, or assist you in any other way we can to find suitable work!

  • Our Job Placement Service includes:

    • 12 Month membership to our job service including our job desk in Sydney with 100’s of exclusive jobs, and our Melbourne service centre to assist you with finding work (click here to learn more about the services offered at our Melbourne centre). We are the only company in our industry providing this service for backpackers!
    • Most jobs pay $22 per hour or more, and you will always be paid weekly for any work.
    • Our online job board loaded with 1000’s of backpacker-friendly jobs all around the country, in addition to the placements offered through our job desk. We want you to be able to find suitable work no matter where you travel to!
    • Email and SMS job alerts and updates to make it easy to stay informed about suitable roles.
    • Online Resume Builder and assistance from our recruitment staff to help you land the perfect role!


    • Everything you need for your working holiday + more

    • Airport Pickup upon arrival.
    • 3 Nights at Sydney’s #1 Hostel, WakeUp! (including priority check-in).
    • Housing Assistance – you don’t have to worry about where you will live; we are here to help you find long and short-term accommodation that fits your needs and budget.
    • Social Activities with free drinks, including weekly pub crawls so you can meet new friends.
    • Orientation, packed with all the information you will need for your time in Australia.
    • Unlimited WiFi in our Sydney and Melbourne offices, as well as lots of other locations around Oz.
    • Exclusive Member’s Lounge in our Sydney and Melbourne offices, with free access to computers, our iPad station, and printer/copier/fax.
    • Bank Account – setup and fee-free!
    • SIM card with Aussie phone number.
    • Travel Experts on staff to help with planning and any of your travel needs, ready to build the perfect package for your budget.
    • Physical mailbox to receive all your important packages.
    • Bank Account set-up and ready for your first paycheck!
    • 24/7 Emergency Contact, in case you find yourself in trouble!
    • 2nd year visa assistance and Medicare setup, if eligible.
    • Harvest Online guide book
    • Help with pretty much anything else you need
    • And a free pair of Thongs! (Also called “flip-flops”)

  • Am I Eligible to Participate?

    • You must meet the basic requirements for the Working Holiday Visa, including:
    • Aged 18-30 years (at time of application)
    • Passport from one of the following countries:
      Argentina – Austria – Belgium – Canada – Chile – China – Cyprus – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Hong Kong – Hungary – Indonesia – Ireland – Israel – Italy – Japan – Luxembourg – Malaysia – Malta – Netherlands – Norway – Peru – Poland – Portugal – Republic of Korea – San Marino – Singapore – Slovak Republic – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – Taiwan – Thailand – Turkey – United Kingdom – Uruguay – USA – Vietnam
    • Students are often eligible as well, regardless of citizenship, so please contact us if you will be studying in Australia.

Our member Kim found a job before she even arrived! Here’s what she said:

Thanks to the easy and very accessible online job board that was available via the Work & Travel Company, I was able to apply for a job online on a Tuesday while in the United States prior to my departure to Australia. I was subsequently contacted and offered the job the next day and accepted on Thursday all before leaving the USA on Friday! Thank you so much WTC for allowing me to have employment before even arriving!

Here’s what our member Maria had to say:

After I arrived, I started to get some shifts from Work and Travel Company in hospitality roles, even though I had no previous experience. In just a few months of working, I saved enough money to take a 1.5 month trip from Sydney to Cairns, stopping everywhere and staying in crazy and fun hostels along the way. I met people from all over the world with something in common: excited and ready to make friends and travel - just like me! It was an unforgettable adventure!!!

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