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Kimberley Adventure Tours
Broome to Darwin Adventure

This is our original Darwin to Broome Kimberley Tour which has been operating since 1997. It’s packed with Adventure and has us wild camping, hiking and swimming across the Kimberley exploring the best of the Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungles and Lake Argyle.


Starts: Broome WA 6725, Australia
Ends: Darwin NT, Australia

This is our original Broome to Darwin Kimberley Tour which has been operating since 1997. It’s packed with Adventure and has us wild camping, hiking and swimming across the Kimberley exploring the best of the Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungles and Lake Argyle.

Our main selling features are;

    • Private Wilderness Camps on Private Property
    • Adventure Activities
    • Small Groups
    • Feedback, check out Trip Advisor – search for Kimberley Adventure Tours

Private Wilderness Camps on Private Property

The advantage of operating in the same region for so long is that we know all the land holders, and have access to private property all along our route where we have permission to bush camp, most spots are spectacular wilderness areas on creeks and rivers, 1 is even on an island.

Adventure Activities

We hike, swim and climb further than the others, we see the main sights but also have access to other great spots on private property, these include art sights and gorges.

Small Groups

We only carry a maximum of 13 pax per tour

Tour Highlights

    • Adventure Style. Bush Camping and Longer Hikes
    • Travel the full length of the Gibb River Road
    • Hike Windjana Gorge
    • Explore Tunnel Creek
    • Hike & Swim at Bell Gorge
    • Hike & Swim at Manning Gorge
    • Hike Purnululu (Bungle Bungles)
    • Hike Echidna Chasm
    • Hike Cathedral Gorge
    • Cruise on Lake Argyle
    • Camp on an Island at Lake Argyle
    • Hike & Swim at Emma Gorge (El Questro)
    • Hike & Swim at Edith Falls (Nitmiluk National Park)
    • Boab Prison Tree

Whats Included?

    • All National Park Fees
    • All Camping / Accommodation Fees
    • All Taxes incl GST, Fuel Levies, Local Payments etc
    • Camping Gear (except sleeping bags)
    • Pick up from your accommodation in Darwin
    • All food from Lunch on Day 1 to Lunch on the Last Day

What’s Not Included?

    • Local Payment $120 at Lake Argyle
    • Sleeping Bags (bring your own or buy from NT General Store for under $30, show KAT booking confirmation for 10% off)
    • Towels
    • Accommodation before and after the tour.


Broome to Darwin Tour – Itinerary

Please Note: The following itinerary is to be used as a guide only, road conditions, changing weather over the seasonal period and multiple other factors require that the actual itinerary is structured for the best possible result. Our tour structure is flexible and is designed to change if required.

Day 1.

Your Broome to Darwin tour begins when we pick you up from your Broome accommodation in the Adventure Truck and immediately head east and into the Kimberley.

Our first stop is the famous Boab prison tree near Derby, a huge hollowed out Boab tree which was used as a prison in the early pioneering days, this is not only an amazing natural wonder but also gives us an insight into to challenging relationship between the early settlers and Aboriginal people of the Kimberley.

Next we head to Windjana Gorge, a huge gorge cut into the ranges over millennium to reveal beautiful scenery of high vertical cliffs, sandy beaches and meandering creek. We head off on a hike at Windjana of about 4km and often see freshwater crocodiles swimming in the clear waterholes.

From Windjana it’s off to our first wilderness bush camp. It feels nice to get back into the great outdoors with the stars above.


  • Depart Broome
  • Boab Prison Tree
  • Windjana Gorge
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Short Hike approx 2km
  • Meals: LD

Day 2.

The mobile phones get packed up with the camping gear as they become useless and we head off nice and early for our first activity, exploring Tunnel Creek.

Tunnel Creek is an amazing natural phenomenon and holds great significance to the local Aboriginal people, and getting there early normally guarantees we have the place for ourselves. It is a 750 metre long stretch of creek, which runs underground through one of the oldest cave systems in Western Australia. Many aboriginal rock paintings are present in the cave and it was a hideout of the Aboriginal warrior, Jandamarra in 1897.

From Tunnel Creek we get on the Gibb River Road, a 700km long outback dirt road which runs between Derby and Kununurra, it’s not the easiest route, the track is often rough, there are a number or deep water crossings and a 4WD vehicle is essential. However it’s an amazing travel route as along the length of the Gibb River Road are vast tracts of wilderness and numerous rivers, gorges and waterfalls to explore.

The first water fall of the Broome to Darwin tour is Bell Gorge. After a short 15 minute walk we come to a beautiful creek, which flows through the centre of this impressive gorge and cascades over numerous falls. A deep swimming hole at the base of the main waterfall, surrounded by shady ledges and high cliffs, is an ideal lunch spot.

From Bell Gorge we push on along the Gibb for a little before finding our 2nd bush Camp for the night, another remote wilderness location where we collect firewood, set up camp and settle in for the night.


  • Tunnel Creek
  • Gibb River Road
  • Bell Gorge
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Hike & Swim approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

Day 3.

Another day of adventure awaits.

Emerging from camp it’s back on the Gibb River Road and onto Manning Gorge where we spend most of the day.

White sandy beaches with a Pandanus tree lined waterway opening into a wide clear waterhole greet us only minutes after starting the walk. We must swim across the river before following a trail leading to the top of gorge. The gorge has a waterfall plus a deep wide swimming hole surrounded by granite cliffs & rock outcrops. It is a spectacular setting with hidden examples of Bradshaw Aboriginal Rock Art.

The return route from manning Gorge is a little less conventional as we swim and rock hop along the creek before reaching the main waterhole where it started, this activity is often rated as a highlight of the Broome to Darwin tour.

Depending on the time available, Galvan’s and / or Adcock Gorge’s are also visited.

Camp tonight is either at Manning Gorge, where toilets and showers are available, or back into the bush depending on the preference of your guide.


  • Manning Gorge
  • Galvan’s Gorge
  • Adcock Gorge
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming up to 8km
  • Meals: BLD

Day 4.

An early morning swim at Manning is a great way to wake up. From here it’s back on “The Gibb” where we continue on our Easterly trek.

There is a variety great spots to stop and check out, including secluded waterholes and Ellenbrae Cattle Station.

Arriving at the Pentecost River we are presented with an incredible landscape of a wide river surrounded by rugged Cockburn Ranges, a classic Kimberley scene.

Here we need to drive the 4WD through the Pentecost River, driving a vehicle across a 60 metre wide outback river which is occupied by Salt Water Crocodiles is not something you do every day, but it’s only way through so across we go.

Another bush camp under the stars awaits us.


  • Gibb River Road
  • Pentecost River
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Indigenous Art. Short Hike approx 2km
  • Meals: BLD

Day 5.

A short distance from the Pentecost is El Questro Station, home of more beautiful landscapes, one of which is Emma Falls. A hike through a spectacular gorge takes us to very high and narrow falls with a deep cool plunge pool where we can swim.

From El Questro we head to one of the highlights of this Broome to Darwin tour, Purnululu National Park, more commonly known as the Bungle Bungles.

Our time in this region is spent hiking and exploring the Gorges and amazing landscapes the area contains. The long and dusty track into the Bungles is spectacular; it winds its way through valleys, over ranges and through creeks before arriving at what must be one of the world’s most unique landscapes.

The day ends with a spectacular sunset from a vantage point at camp.


  • Emma Gorge
  • El Questro Station
  • Purnululu National Park (Bungles) Sunset
  • Camp: Bush Camp, National Park Facility
  • Activities: Hiking & Swimming approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

Day 6.

With an early rise we are able to take advantage of a spectacular Bungle Bungles sunrise, from our vantage point we watch the show with a cup of tea or coffee and breakfast from a remote location.

A short drive from the sunrise area is the trailhead for the Cathedral Gorge hike, a spectacular hike though the beehive formations to Cathedral Gorge. The gorge itself is one of the most impressive geological formations you are likely to see anywhere.

From here there is the opportunity to take a scenic flight over the Bungles, helicopter rides from 18 minutes are available. From the air the bungles take on a completely new perspective and the open chopper is sensational. Scenic flights are at your own expense and organised on the day.

We then head off for Echidna Chasm for a hike into the domes, following a creek to it’s source at a narrow passage buried within the Bungles.

After lunch we depart Purnululu and locate our bush camp, this time on a lovely creek with a sandy beach.


  • Purnululu Sunrise
  • Cathedral Gorge
  • Picaninny Creek
  • Echidna Chasm
  • Beehive Formations
  • Optional Helicopter Flight
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Hiking approx 5km
  • Meals: BLD

Day 7.

From our bush camp we head for Kununurra, the first sign of civilisation we have seen for a week. As we approach town the mobile phones start beeping and we take the opportunity to catch up on the world with some free time in this classic outback town while your guide replenishes supplies.

From Kununurra we head to Lake Argyle for what is regularly voted as the highlight of the Broome to Darwin tour. Lake Argyle is a huge freshwater lake teaming with wildlife, from wallabies in the rocky shores, to freshwater crocodiles to birdlife. We board a boat where a local guide shows us the lake, there is time to swim before we watch sunset from the water and then camp on one of the remote islands.

This is a great experience, knowing you are the only people on a single island in the middle of one of the most remote lakes in the world is unforgettable.

We have a campfire, the sky is full of stars and the cool water is inviting to those brave souls who want a midnight swim.


  • Kununurra
  • Lake Argyle
  • Lake Argyle Private Island Camp
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Island
  • Activities: Boat Cruise & Swimming
  • Meals: BLD

Day 8.

The sunrise from our island camp is again unforgettable.

We pack up camp, re-board the boat and head back to our vehicle.

From Lake Argyle we push East towards the Northern Territory border and camp on aboriginal community nearby a billabong. We also have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bill Harney who will show us some aboriginal rock art out the back of his property and tell stories as well as sing songs about his culture.


  • Lake Argyle Island Sunrise
  • Early Cruise & Swim
  • Victoria River Region
  • Aboriginal Culture tour
  • Camp: Private Wilderness Camp on Station Country
  • Activities: Boat Cruise & Hiking approx 4km
  • Meals: BLD

Day 9.

On the final day of Broome to darwin tour we arrive in Katherine. We explore or Edith Falls within Nitmiluk National Park, which offers more adventure, hiking, swimming and spectacular landscapes.

We normally arrive into Darwin at around 6pm, your guide will conclude the tour by dropping you off at your accommodation.


  • Edith Falls
  • Arrival into Darwin
  • Activities: Hiking approx 4km
  • Meals: BLD


Terms & Conditions

Our tours require pro-active participation in a remote and rugged region with a degree of personal risk. Travel Insurance is recommended to cover any unforseen circumstances such as loss or damage of personal equipment, evacuation and medical costs.

In addition to WTC’s terms and conditions; Kimberley Adventure Tours Cancellation Policy: Cancellations within 14 days of the start date incur a 100% fee. Between 14 and 28 days incur a 50% fee.Between 28 and 365 days incur a 10% fee.


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