Abel Tasman Kayaks Deluxe Remote Coast Overnighter

Abel Tasman Kayaks
Deluxe Remote Coast Overnighter


Spend one day exploring the stunning marine reserve by kayak and two days and two nights exploring the coastal track.


Starts: Marahau 7197, New Zealand
Ends: Marahau 7197, New Zealand

Day one join us for the Remote Coast Tour. This is a stunning day trip that covers the entire marine reserve from start to finish. Starting at Awaroa courtesy of our water taxi transfer, allows us to visit Shag Harbour*, a hidden inlet like nowhere else in the Abel Tasman. We then paddle south, focusing on the Tonga Island Marine Reserve and its playful inhabitants – the NZ fur seal, Kekeno. After a great picnic lunch on one of the beautiful beaches, we’ll visit the Tonga Arches, exploring south along the carved granite coastline through to the tranquil lagoons and golden sand of the ‘heart of the park’ and our final destination, Bark Bay.

Spend the night camping at Bark Bay and walk unguided the coastal track back to Anchorage on day two. We have allowed plenty for exploring between Bark Bay and Anchorage. From Bark Bay walk up through the lush coastal forest before crossing the 47 m suspension bridge across Falls River. Sidle around two valleys before walking down to Torrent Bay. From here you have two options to take the high tide route and explore Cleopatra’s Pool or spend the afternoon taking in the surrounds of Anchorage. The estuary can be crossed within two hours either side of low tide, or an all-tide track leads around to Anchorage.

Spend night two camping at Anchorage then walk back to Marahau on day three. There are some great lookout points and amazing beaches on this section of the track, make sure you allow plenty of time to explore them.

Paddling is our business, with all activities supported by our purpose-built kayak base, free hot showers, free wifi, free equipment storage & client transporters. We also provide high-quality soft gear – fitted for each client by our guides and high-quality hard gear – customised for comfort for each client.

On this trip covering the Tonga Island Marine Reserve you have a professional guide with you for around 7 hours sharing their knowledge and passion of the Abel Tasman. We also cater a snack and lunch designed around your health and energy made onsite by our container cafe. All other meals and snacks are to be supplied by you.

Every trip is unique like each of our clients.

Tide dependent.

Please note camping gear must be supplied by clients or hired through us pricing can be found under the gear and gear hire tab.



8:30am – check in and meet your guide 9:00am – water taxi to Awaroa 10:30am – arrive Awaroa and kayak briefing 11:00am – Kayak from Awaroa to Bark Bay. Total kayak time approx 4 hours with breaks 1:30pm – enjoy lunch in the Onetahuti area 3:30pm – arrive Bark Bay and spend the night


Walk from Bark Bay to Anchorage (high tide route approx 4 hours, 11.5km, low tide route approx 3 hours, 8.4km) 4:00pm – water taxi back to Marahau and spend the night at Anchorage


Walk from Anchorage to Marahau 3.5 hours, 12.4km

What to bring

Cooking equipment: If you plan to cook a hot meal ensure you bring a cooker and fuel as fires are only permitted in certain parts of the park, at certain times of the year. Pots, pans, utensils, cutlery, plates and cups will also come in handy.

Camping equipment: During the evening it can become quite cool in the park so please make sure you pack a tent, camping mat and a warm sleeping bag.

Kayaking clothes: You’re bound to get wet when kayaking bring some quick drying clothes to paddle in. Shorts, t-shirt (long sleeves are preferable), warm top (wool/fleece), hat, sunglasses and shoes. Don’t forget your swimsuit and a towel!

Campsite clothing: Warm campsite clothing is essential for the evenings. Long pants, t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, warm top (wool/fleece), trainers and socks, sleeping clothing, rainproof jacket.

Personal items: Such as medication, toiletries, camera (with plenty of film or memory space!), personal drinking bottle, first aid kit, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Food: This trip is self catered (excluding lunch on the first day) be sure to bring enough food for your whole journey. We recommend purchasing this before you get to Marahau. Make sure you bring plenty of fresh water with you. Filtered water is available at our base and hut sites, and untreated water is available at the campsites.


Terms & Conditions

**Cancellation Policy** Abel Tasman Kayaks understands that travel plans vary due to illness, accident and people simply changing their minds. In turn, we ask our clients to understand that we may have turned away a number of keen people for those reserved places. We may also have committed expenses for food, staff, transport or accommodation. We will have incurred expense in processing the enquiry and bookings. Finally, we have learned to respect the sea and the New Zealand weather, and not to take unnecessary risks. **PAYMENT** To confirm your reservation, full payment or voucher details must be received by Abel Tasman Kayaks at time of booking. **Client Cancellation:** **Day Trips** – Client Cancellation within 48 hours of day of departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee. However, cancellation by client within 24 hours of day of departure – NO REFUND WILL BE MADE. – There will be NO refund on any portion or part of a guided trip once the trip has departed. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE EVENT OF A NO-SHOW FULL PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED! – All other cancellations prior to 48 hrs incur a 10% administration/cancellation fee. **Overnight Trips/Multiday Trips** – Client Cancellation within 14 days of departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee. However, cancellation by client within 7 days of departure – NO REFUND WILL BE MADE. – There will be NO refund on any portion or part of a overnight/multiday trip once the trip has departed. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE EVENT OF A NO-SHOW FULL PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED! – All other cancellations prior to 14 days of departure incur a 10% administration/cancellation fee. Cancellation by Abel Tasman Kayaks Our policy is not to launch a Guided Trip or Freedom Rental on safety grounds if we consider that the wind and sea conditions are unsafe for that group. This is our decision. In this situation we give a refund in full. One Day Guided trips Once your trip has commenced there are no refunds. There may be times when the weather changes during the day and the group is unable to return by kayak to Marahau or, very occasionally, must be cancelled at some stage during the day. In this situation we will cover the cost of water taxiing clients’ kayaks back to Marahau, and cover their passenger fare where there is no practical walk out option. Where a practical walk out option does exist, and clients seek to return via water taxi, their passenger fare is their own cost. **Note:** 1. Abel Tasman Kayaks reserves the right to cancel a client’s tour in the event of non-compliance with the terms and conditions Abel Tasman Kayaks sea kayak rental briefing, or relevant rules and regulations governing the Abel Tasman National Park, its foreshore and adjoining waterways. In this situation, there is no refund. 2. Abel Tasman Kayaks reserves the right to change the direction of a trip due to such things as kayaking conditions and kayak availability. Such a change will not allow the customer to cancel a trip without application of the cancellation policy. **TRAVEL INSURANCE:** We advise all clients to consider arranging appropriate travel insurance that covers Adventure Tourism. On guided trips, Abel Tasman Kayaks is responsible for all company equipment on that trip (e.g. kayaks, tents etc). On Freedom Rentals, the client is solely responsible for any loss or damage to all equipment. The hirers’ responsibility ceases once Abel Tasman Kayaks equipment has been loaded onto an approved water taxi or, where the kayak is paddled back to Marahau, loaded onto the kayak transporters. Under all circumstances, the client is solely responsible for their personal equipment.

In addition to WTC’s terms and conditions; Abel Tasman Kayaks Cancellation Policy: Cancellations within 1 days of the start date incur a 100% fee. Between 1 and 2 days incur a 50% fee.Between 2 and 365 days incur a 10% fee.


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