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Orchard Work – WA (34 views)

Manjimup, Western Australia

Starting mid June we require 40 people to work as Field Hands on apple orchards in the South West region of WA. The work will be in the surrounding areas of Manjimup (approximately 4 hours south of Perth).

Tasks include apple thinning, orchard pruning, irrigation maintenance, fertilising, machinery operation and other orchard labouring tasks.

Depending on the farm, we have work for a duration of 4-8 weeks. There will be approximately 30 hours of work per week. Pay will be a mixture of piece rates and the hourly rate of $24.36 based on the task. 

The work you will be doing is hard and physically demanding. You will be working outdoors mostly in mixed climatic conditions ranging from cold and wet conditions to hot and humid conditions.

You need to be fit and in good physical condition to do this work.

Number of Positions Available: 40