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Tolga, Queensland

We require up to 250 staff to assist with banana humping, general banana, avocado and papaya farm work, banana packing, avocado picking and packing and/or papaya picking and packing in the Atherton/Mareeba/Tolga region, QLD.

Work will commence at various dates from end July through to December 2021 and is expected to last for a period of 6 to 9 months..

Brief job description:

  • Banana humping – Humper’s cut the banana bunch from the tree and carry them to a trailer, typically working in teams of two to ensure the bunches of bananas are removed without being damaged. This involves reaching above your head to cut banana bunches or catching banana bunches of up 80kg,  making “humping” one of the most strenuous jobs on the farm. 
  • Banana Paddock Work  – desuckering, dieseling, spading, stringing and bagging.
  • Banana Shed Work – 
  • Packing Banana’s – You will be working in the packing shed, sorting and packing bananas to meet specific criteria, and you will be required to meet minimum speeds after training.
  • Avocado Farm Work – You will picking and/or packing avocados
  • Papaya Farm Work – You will be picking and/or packing papaya

Payment for these positions will be Level 1 Casual employee under the Horticulture Award 2020(MA000028)

You will generally work 6 days per week from Monday to Friday and most Sundays. You may be required to also work some Saturdays. Usually you will work between around 7:00am and 4:00pm. Start and finish times will differ day to day depending how busy the farm is.

* Random drug and alcohol test’s will be conducted prior to beginning and during the period of employment * 

Applications must address the selection criteria and all claims against the selection criteria must be substantiated. Any application that fails to do so will not be considered.

Selection Criteria

* Good fitness level with very high endurance 

* Ability to acquire good speeds

* Ability to work in all weather conditions for long periods of times

* Ability to carry heavy loads for long periods of time

* Ability to follow instructions and learn and apply new processes quickly

Applicants from outside the Tolga region area must demonstrate a commitment to moving and living in the area for the period of employment.

Number of Positions Available: 250