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Asparagus Cutters – Dalmore, Victoria (30 views)

Dalmore, Victoria

Farmers of asparagus in the Koo Wee Rup/Dalmore region which is where the work is located,  require 35 hardworking, fully committed workers primarily to cut asparagus and harvest asparagus.  Experience in cutting and harvesting asparagus in the Dalmore area is a requirement to be considered for this position.    Other farm duties including weeding and pack shed activities may also be required after harvest work.  Harvest work will be paid at hourly rate or piece rate.  Packing shed work will be paid consistent with the Horticultural award 2010.

 Travel between various properties will be required.  Due to the nature of harvesting asparagus, frequency and regularity of work will be variable, predominately due to weather conditions.

Days worked per week could be as little as 3 days in one week followed by 7 days in the following 2 weeks.  Peak season is estimated to be around mid-October to mid-November where harvest volumes generally increase but are not guaranteed.  The harvesting season in its entirety will run approximately from late August to early December.

Starting times will also varying dependant on climate and temperature conditions.  If it is anticipated that mild nights are to be experienced, earlier start times will be required – possibly 9.00pm to 1.00am.  Therefore, it is a key requirement is that prospecting workers are very flexible in their availability for working hours and days due to this inconsistency.

The work is all manual labour, outdoors, in a range of weather conditions and applicants will need to be physically fit, and of sound health if applying.  Further to this, candidates need to have the ability to work quickly and with accuracy as each asparagus spear is harvested individually whilst walking in a bent over position.

Packing shed work will be indoors, standing for the duration of the shift and sorting, selecting spears sizes and fast bunching.

Number of Positions Available: 35