18th of April was a day I had been looking forward to for a long time. You might be asking yourself ‘why’? Is she going on another trip again? Well, you guessed that right, because I am. This time I was going to Melbourne for 6 days. I would spend the first days doing some work and then finishing of with a couple of days off to spend with my friend. Waking up at 4am in the morning didn’t stop me from being extremely excited about going to Melbourne. I flew down there quite early so I arrived in the city around 8.30 am. I immediately went to the Greenhouse backpacker hostel where I unpacked my suitcase and got ready for my first day. Once I got settled in my hostel room I decided to explore the city. I actually wanted to visit Federation Square first so that’s what I did. Followed by Birrarung Marr, the Federation Bells and Hosier Lane – known as “graffiti” lane. After visiting Hosier Lane it was time to go to the WTC office in Melbourne and meet my colleagues for the first time.

Josh and Laura are both great,  and I was looking forward to working with them over the next couple of days. After my visit to the office,  I walked around the city a bit more. At night I went to see the fire display at the casino which was very impressive!

The next day I had a day trip planned –  I was going to the Great Ocean Road! The trip started from 7.15am and finished around 8pm. I have to admit it was a long day, but let me tell you: it was definitely worth it! The trip has a couple of stops along the way. The first stop led us to a light house and some incredible views over the ocean. Around 11am we had another stop at Kennet River, where we could see koala’s, parrots, cockatoo’s etc in the wild. Amazing! Around midday we had lunch and then we were ready to finally see the 12 Apostles – something we had been looking forward to all day. Seeing the 12 Apostles was definitely the highlight of my day. They were stunning and it’s just a must see when you’re travelling Australia. We had 3 more stops after that before we drove back to the city. Second day in Melbourne: check!

Friday was the 3rd day, and  Josh and I planned to drive around the city so he could show me around and we could take some photo and video shots. We visited places like the Brighton Beach Huts, St. Kilda, Fitzroy, the MCG stadium, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Botanical Gardens and so on. There was so much to cram into one day.  At the end of the day I joined Laura and some members on the Pub Crawl. We started off at the Asian beer cafe, then went to New Guernica and ended up at Millhouse. 3 great bars, and the drinks were not bad either!

Saturday was the first day of my ‘days off’. I met with my friend and we went around the city to take in more of the highlights! We spent the day exploring this vibrant city, and at night we visited Melbourne’s nightlife including a rooftop bar which was amazing. The bars in Melbourne have such good vibes, and the rooftop bars are really unique.

On Sunday I decided to sleep in and have brunch with my friend. After that we went to the Yarra River, and had some drinks at one of the riverside bars. By the time we finished our drinks it was time to go to the Eureka Skydeck. We wanted to do this at sunset because we had heard that this is the best time of the day to do it. This was so beautiful, seeing the sun set behind the skyscrapers in Melbourne is stunning.

On Monday I checked out of the Greenhouse hostel. My friend and I had planned to go to St. Kilda and stay in a hostel there for the night. We would then explore St. Kilda beach and  Luna Park which was really cool! The face looks a bit angrier than the one from Sydney – check it out and you will se what I mean.During the day we went to see the Brighton Beach Huts as they are a bit of a novelty and my friend hadn’t seen them before. At night we went out for a walk at St. Kilda pier to see the baby penguins –  We saw 1!

When we got back to the hostel there was Boozy Bingo going on –  now THAT was a party! People from all over Melbourne come over to the hostel to join that bingo and I could see why.

It was time to check out on Tuesday morning and head back to Sydney. My friend and I both agreed that Melbourne is very different to Sydney. It’s a city with a slightly younger vibe, great nightlife and amazing places to see. Bye for now, Melbourne. I will be back!