The Blue Mountains. One of the most legendary places you need to see when you're travelling Australia. As the new intern at the Work and Travel Company I have already had the chance to visit the Blue Mountains on my second day of work. I repeat: second day! You wouldn't believe how excited I was! I had to be at the meeting point at 7:20am, which means I had to get up pretty early. Despite having a sleepy head, I immediately met some other travellers who were going on the same trip. The day already started off well, since the tour guide was entertaining everyone on the bus with loads of enthusiasm. After a  40 minute ride, we already arrived at our first stop: Featherdale Wildlife Park. Truly amazing if you're into wild animals, Koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles… the park has it all. I was already really excited about seeing them, so can you imagine how excited I was when I heard I could feed them? Yes, very excited! That's something I can tick of my bucket list as well.

Around noon we arrived at the Blue Mountains. It was very cloudy at first so we couldn’t actually see the Three Sisters. Despite the clouds and the cold weather, the guide still managed to entertain us. He even showed us a spot where tourists don’t find out about unless someone has told them about, this being the Katoomba Falls. They were literally so pretty! Definitely a big plus to this trip, thanks to our awesome tour guide!

After the Katoomba Falls, it was time to take our 45 minutes walk through the mountains. The clouds were gone by now so we were finally able to see the Three Sisters. Yay! They were so stunning. Seeing them in photos just don’t do them justice,  if you really want to know what it’s like seeing them in real life, you’ll have to visit Australia to really appreciate the beauty of the place for  yourself.

I’m so glad I could go to the Blue Mountains during my first week and see some kangaroos, and koalas as well. It was a real amazing experience. So, if you’re still doubting whether you should go or not, then stop! You should!