About the Work and Travel Company

What We Do

As a Full Service provider for backpackers and travellers, we are Recruiters, Travel Agents, and a Backpacker Assistance Service, all rolled into one!  As the first, and still the only, work and travel company with recruiters working to place our members into 1000’s of exclusive jobs, we offer unparalleled service and opportunity for our members.  We have a unique ability in our industry; we are able to serve almost every need that a backpacker may have when coming to visit or work in Australia, all in one place.


After 13 years of experience, we know what a working holidaymaker really needs, like Job Placements, Travel Help, and assistance finding Accommodation.  We are experts at helping visitors from many different cultures to transition into life here in Australia, and we make ourselves available to assist our members in any way we possibly can.

Who We Are

Since 2002, our goal has been to help travellers to and from Australia make their Working Holiday experience a truly exceptional one; we like to call it “Unforgettable”, because we want your experience to be something that changes you forever.  We are excited to help however we can, but we know it’s your adventure. That’s why we are here when you need us, but never intruding when you don’t.


To know what an apple tastes like, you have to try one. We believe travel is no different; to know how to travel well, you must have travelled yourself. That’s why everyone here at the Work and Travel Company spends their spare time exploring the amazing world around us.


It is our passion;

We are travellers, helping travellers.


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