Our 88 day program can help you successfully gain your 2nd working holiday visa.

417 Working Holiday and 462 Work and Holiday Visa Holders are able to qualify for a 2nd working holiday visa year in Australia by completing at least 88 days of qualifying farm work anywhere in Australia (417 visa) or farm or hospitality work in Northern Australia (462 visa).

The work placements offered after this course focus on general farm work, and NOT fruit picking - and general farm work is typically work with livestock, farm equipment and machinary / infrastructure. Livestock includes cattle, sheep, horses; machinery includes tractors, dirt bikes, quad bikes, utes and other machinery; infrastructure includes fencing, water supply, irrigation, buildings etc

 The training course is for 5 days and is fully residential. The course starts on Monday and finishes on Friday evening. The aim of the course is to provide a general introduction to Australian farm work. This will give you an awareness of what is required to do well in outback Australia, as well as some skills that will allow you to be useful as soon as you arrive with your employer. We assess your skills and attitude; and then match you to the jobs that best suit your skills, experience and aspirations.

What's included in the course:

  • 5 day fully residential training course

  • Pick up in and transfer to the farm

  • Job guarantee and 88 day support

    **Please note - you must be in Australia and on either a 417 or 462 visa to apply for a place on the Farm Training Course / 88 day Program. All applications are subject to review and approval from the Farm Training Course / 88 day Program course provider**

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